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Located on the Bohai Cult, Tianjin is the one of the largest metropolises in China. It is well known for its historical heritage and natural beauty. Travelling in Tianjin, you will be surprised by its fast-developing Binhai area and old city where you can admire the curious mixture of colonial and modern architecture. What makes Tianjin more tourists friendly is that Tianjin applies to 144 Hours Transit Visa Free, together with Beijing and Hebei Province, which means you can enjoy a visa-free tour in Beijing and Tianjin up to 6 days! Tianjin is also an important starting/ending destinations of some international ocean cruises to Japan, Korea, etc.


How to Get to Tianjin? - Tianjin has a huge transport network of flights, trains, highways and waterways. Currently three is an international airport, an international cruise port, 8 railway stations, 7 subway lines and hundreds bus stations in Tianjin.

Best Time to Visit Tianjin? - Tianjin is suitable for travelling all the year round. While, the natural sceneries are the most beautiful during spring (Mar~May) and autumn (Sept~Nov).


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