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International Conference on Computing and Pattern Recognition (ICCPR) series held annually to provide a common platform for the cross fertilization of ideas, and for shaping knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging Computing and Pattern Recognition these two important and complementary disciplines into an interactive and attractive forum. Keeping this objective in mind, ICCPR solicits original contributions in the following non exclusive lists of areas:


Track I: Computer Vision and Image Processing
Image segmentation and annotation
Object detection and recognition
Image generation and synthesis
Video analysis and action recognition
Image quality assessment and enhancement
Track II: Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Pattern classification and clustering
Feature selection and dimensionality reduction
Anomaly detection and outlier analysis
Applications of pattern recognition in biomedicine and healthcare
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Track III: Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Machine learning algorithms and methods
Deep learning models and architectures
Reinforcement learning and transfer learning
Feature extraction and representation learning
Reinforcement learning and adaptive learning
Track IV: Natural Language Processing and Text Analysis
Language models and semantic representation
Machine translation and cross-lingual processing
Text classification and sentiment analysis
Named entity recognition and relation extraction
Text generation and summarization
Track V: Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Systems
Multimodal interaction and affective computing
Virtual reality and augmented reality
Intelligent recommendation and personalized services
Human-Computer collaboration and intelligent assistants
Autonomous driving and intelligent transportation
Track VI: Data Analysis and Big Data
Data preprocessing and cleansing
Large-scale data analysis and processing
Data visualization and interaction
Data privacy and security
Data analysis in cloud computing environments
Track VII: Face Recognition and Biometrics
Face detection and recognition
Biometric identification and authentication
Contactless biometric recognition technologies
Multimodal biometric systems
Facial expression analysis and emotion recognition
Track VIII: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Time series modeling and analysis
Time series forecasting and trend analysis
Event detection and anomaly detection
High-dimensional time series analysis
Time series data mining and applications
Track IX: Reinforcement Learning and Adaptive Control
Model-based reinforcement learning
Model-free reinforcement learning
Multi-agent reinforcement learning
Adaptive control and optimization
Deep reinforcement learning and real-world applications
Track X: Media Analysis and Content Understanding
Video content analysis and understanding
Audio signal processing and music analysis
Image and video retrieval
Media understanding and semantic analysis
Social media analysis and mining