Information Center, Xiamen University of Technology (厦门理工学院信息中心)


Add.: No.600, Ligong Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, 361024, Fujian Province, China (中国福建省厦门市集美区理工路600号)

A public college born and growing simultaneously with Xiamen Special Economic Zone, Xiamen University of Technology was later upgraded to a public university of technology by the decision issued by President Xi Jinping, then Governor of Fujian. The past three decades has witnessed our fast growth. A college for first-line professionals for Xiamen Special Economic Zone in its first years, XMUT is today a provincial first-tier university with global ambitions and reach. XMUT has a strong and diverse cohort of faculty members with established industry experience or overseas study/work experience to ensure that our students are exposed to an industry-informed learning environment with forefront knowledge and information from the industry and the world. A few of the faculty members are professors or lecturers from universities outside China whose input into curriculum development and class design facilitates the development and internationalization of our teaching standard.


Hotel Recommendation

1. Royal Seaside Hotel and Hot Springs Xiamen (厦门罗约海滨温泉酒店)

2. Xing Lin Wan Hotel (厦门杏林湾大酒店)

3. Shanshui Hotel (厦门山水宾馆)

4. Mamba Hotel, Xiamen North Station (厦门北站曼巴酒店)



1. As the registration fee does not cover accommodation, it is suggested that an early reservation should be done. 注册费不含食宿费,建议您尽早自行预订酒店!
2. The conference group won't reserve the accommodation for the participants and please do not tell your personal credit card or bank card information to the unknown persons. 会务组不负责参会人员酒店预订,请勿将个人信用卡或银行卡信息透露给未知人员!